Gifts and Prayers:
The Romanovs and Their Subjects

Stella Tran
Associate editor, copy editor, and proofreader
Published by the Georgia Museum of Art, 2016
Hardcover | 204 pp. | ISBN: 978-0-915977-98-7

Highlighting a private collection on long-term loan that is also a promised gift to the Georgia Museum of Art, this catalogue accompanies the exhibition of the same name, on display at the museum September 3 to December 31, 2016. “Gifts and Prayers: The Romanovs and Their Subjects” shows how the Romanov family of Russian rulers commissioned, used and distributed gifts to solidify its hold on power. The catalogue includes full-color images of such treasures as the personal cigar box of Alexander II commemorating his coronation, military medals, badges and awards of all the Russian Imperial Orders of Chivalry, ceremonial swords, armor, helmets, and an intricately designed silver trophy from the Crimean War, among many other items.