Modern Living: Giò Ponti and the Twentieth-Century Aesthetics of Design

Stella Tran
Associate editor, copy editor, and proofreader
Published by the Georgia Museum of Art, 2017
Hardcover | 128 pp. | ISBN: 978-1-946657-01-5

“Modern Living: Giò Ponti and the Twentieth-Century Aesthetics of Design” accompanies the exhibition of the same name, on view at the Georgia Museum of Art June 10 – September 17, 2017. Authored by Perri Lee Roberts, University of Miami, who also served as guest curator of the exhibition, it examines the Italian architect and designer’s work from the 1920s to the 1950s. It illustrates every object in the exhibition, from Ponti’s early work designing Richard-Ginori ceramics to his collaborations with Paolo De Poli and Piero Fornasetti on furniture and decor. In addition, the Ponti Archives supplied many vintage photographs and sketches for the publication. Roberts builds a case for Ponti as a modern renaissance man, who drew on the past at the same time that he pushed for modern manufacturing and always believed in design that balanced equilibrium, harmony, clarity and beauty.